Ode to Daffodils

While living in Cambridge England, we learned that spring was coming when the daffodils started to bloom. I loved walking in the city to see the greens reserved for beauty. The photos and poem are mine.

Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the blooming daffodils
Their yellow heads bob gently
Whilst they show off yellow frills
If you’ve never seen this glory
In the middle of the green
You missed out on a thrill

Brilliant are these lovely flowers
Brilliant are these lovely flowers
Brilliant are these lovely flowers
The blooming daffodils


16 thoughts on “Ode to Daffodils

  1. Kath in particular loves watching the Daffodils start to come into shoot and we spot many on the road sides where we live in Pembrokeshire West Wales.
    I have to say that when we start seeing them come into bloom then my mood seems to lift somewhat, although I have never been diagnosed with SAD, my mental health tends to decline in the Winter months even though I still remain active as much as I possibly can.
    Thank you for sharing both your beautiful pictures but also your poetry as well.

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    1. I truly miss living in England. The climate suited me. And the colors of nature all year long are beautiful. Yes! I don’t suffer from SAD, but bright colors give me a lift too. Autumn leaves. We’ve had some this year and my fingers are crossed that our oak trees get fully dressed in their yellow leaves.


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