My Take-The Weekly Smile Week of Nov 18 2019


I got to talk to my grandson’s (4 and 2.5) via FaceTime. The 2.5 year old showed me the King Spider ((eeek))

Then the 4 year old says “it was your birthday! You were old!” ha ha ha

The 4 month old gave us a big smile!

Today I had coffee with friends and a pedicure at a new place that serves wine.

So…. all small things but lovely!!


14 thoughts on “My Take-The Weekly Smile Week of Nov 18 2019

  1. I’m glad the 2.5 year old smiled at the spider since I’m sure nobody else did 😉 Of course you know that 21 is old to a 4 year old. lol. So was he right that you recently had a birthday? If so, happy birthday! Like most males, I don’t do pedicures, but if I did, I would certainly want to drink wine as I sat there!

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    1. Yes! My birthday was in fact last week. Thank you. And the family are all into examining insect/spider life. Especially mom and 2.5 year old. I did see a man come in for a pedicure. It beats going to the podiatrist! 😉

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