In the USA it is formally….

Thanksgiving Day… we will have a traditional meal.. turkey and dressing and sides and ice cream for dessert.

HOWEVER it has now become for me a day of awareness of what my people (white Europeans) did to the indigenous peoples of this land.

I just learned about the day of mourning, this morning. Read this article and become aware.

May this day be a day of good things but also of remembrance.

From our house to yours.


10 thoughts on “In the USA it is formally….

  1. Personally, I like Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks to certain things. However, I think it is also important to learn about the more uncomfortable aspects of the holiday, one of which includes how it is also a day of mourning for so many.

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  2. Our family does not celebrate Thanksgiving for various reasons. We reevaluated that tradition a few years ago. 1st, I nor my family, do not just need one day to tell each other that we love and are grateful for each other. We do it intentionally all year round. 2nd, the commercialization of it as any holiday is ridiculous. and 3rd, the lie this holiday is based on is hard to stomach and probably mostly for that reason I choose not to participate in the perpetuation of it.

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