Today has a few more hours…. a picture of my precious Louisa showed in my memories for a year ago today.

Then, I saw this… I’m sure it’s “nothing” but it looks horrible.

Then my 99 year old auntie, had her annual physical. She is worried about swelling. She is scared she’ll lose her limbs…. needless to say, I tried to reassure her.

Then I went to see a Urologist because a 7mm stone was found in my kidney. While I was waiting, I observed this…

Thank goodness I don’t have a prostate. 😏

But the process for removing said stone is under way…. so today has been successful and full.

So that’s my news… thanks for checking in.


17 thoughts on “Today….

  1. SO sorry about that nasty stone. You’d think they’d have the consideration to be rounded and move on, but instead they look (and feel!) like pumice! Hope you feel like the champ you are soon!

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      1. Not that I’m aware of. I have lots of other pain so hard to know, but for the first time a doc thought to get a CT scan and it was found and evidently I’ve had some before… and doc said you don’t always have pain, but this one would be a problem if it decided to move.

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