Factory defect?

I decided that this year I would do a bit more decorating. I purchased a short, pre-lit tree.

Catalog photo

My Christmas tree
Just wasn’t nice
It made me sad to see it

I made the call
And now I smile
Next week I get a new one


And now the rest of the story.

The description did not indicate any need to add once piece to the other. (Yes I had 6.5′ pre-lit tree that was all one piece.) the bottom half appears to be pre-used or just Ug, and the stand wobbles. After two hours of trying to fluff appropriately, I could not hide the “holes.”

After posting my coffee morning post, I decided to call customer service. She was very empathetic and kind, and gave me my options. I decided to try the replacement option, because then all I have to do is set up the new one–and hope it is not wonky.

As you can see from this angle, it just doesn’t look nice. (At least they star does, though crooked.)

So…. I’m glad I called… she even noticed that the advertisement was not exact and that assembly instructions were only about changing the light bulbs.

It wasn’t that much money, but well too much to get a defective tree.

Holiday cheer will be more cheerful next week! 🍷


7 thoughts on “Factory defect?

  1. I’m glad. Some people might say, “It will look better after all of the ornaments are on it, but honestly, I’ve seen a few ugly trees in the stores that not even all the ornaments in the store would help! 🙂

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