My Take #FOWC Detective

This caught my eye, because I have been playing genealogy detective for two dna cousins that were adopted.

I wrote a little about this here.

I will get the word of whether my conclusions were good or not in a few weeks. (The courts agreed to open his file to him.)

So #FOWC, thank you for this challenge. Here’s the story….


He spit in a tube.

The results said he and my dad are 1st cousin 1x removed. Because he matched several other cousins I had already confirmed from my paternal side, we knew one place to look.

My grandfather’s family is huge. We don’t know my dads aunts, uncles, cousins.

Two pieces of information (Location, and military) got me searching in a huge book put together by one of my great uncles.

I found the family unit from a close proximity, and I found one sentence…. the clue seemed to fit the narrative.

Then 2 years later he visited the adoption house. He received a redacted copy of notes taken at intake.

The details fit very closely to the cousin I had selected as birth mom.

More dna cousins sought… and they matched his mothers maternal side.

My dad’s first cousin must be his birth mom.

So now we continue to wait to confirm 1/2 of his origins.

Waiting is hard.

Detective work is fun…. especially if I matched the right clues together!


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