On The Shortest Day of the Year #WeekendCoffeeShare

Hi friends! On our shortest day of the year, I hope you’ll join me for an afternoon cup of joe!

I want to be cheerful and I’m forcing it, because well… coffee makes me jolly or at least hopeful!

I told you the sad tale of my Christmas tree…. they sent me another… it is the same. Bah humbug. I’m now sorry I decided this would be the year to again buy a Christmas tree.

I know I can make it look nicer, but it’s the principle… I should not have to rig it… the advert…. oh sorry…

*sipping coffee*

Where were we… oh, this week, my step-son-in-law graduated from Northwestern State University, Natchitoches (pronounced, knack-I-tish) Louisiana. 5 hours to and fro and the evening before walking and eating and looking at lights on the River Cane.

I got to talk to my baby girl who turned 44 yesterday! Really?? 🥰🎂🥰

The weather has been more normal for a Texas winter (not higher than 50F/10C) but the temps will rise again. I’m hopeful for some white stuff to fall from the sky this winter… but I’m not holding my breath!

If we were drinking coffee together, I would tell you how lucky I am to have you as a friend!

May your days of celebration be filled with love and light!!


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