My Take – Fandango’s Provocative Question #1 Revisited

Fandango poses the question:

“If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?”

If I could be the opposite sex for one day, I would… be in charge and stand up to pee.

Seriously… when I was growing up, it was wrong for women in church to teach men. I wanted to be a man so I could be a preacher and tell people off without getting in trouble. I would have purchased blue jeans too (I couldn’t, because blue jeans had a zipper in front, and I didn’t have a penis. I kid you not! My mama said so.)

But today? I would go out in the world and model how to treat women properly. (I would also go and beat up my ex.)

I guess not sleeping all night has lowered my filters. I really should try to sleep.


19 thoughts on “My Take – Fandango’s Provocative Question #1 Revisited

  1. A really interesting post that begs the question What would you do??
    Interestingly enough something that a lot of women say is that ” If men had babies then they would only have one” I guess that I would like to experience childbirth.
    Women today have a lot more opportunities than ever before so it is really difficult to know what else I would experience.

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      1. Oh…. much different meds. Epidural… of course there is the 9 months of carrying weight off balance and soreness afterwards and nursing the baby…. and…. 🤣😝


  2. I think besides getting use to the biological differences, it would be nice to walk around and not always be fearful of being harassed or cat called. Even if it doesn’t happen often, I feel like just one time can alter your perceptions or make you feel on edge in different situations

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