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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had a weird week. Pull up a chair while I pour you a cuppa tea or joe, and I’ll tell you how the stones roll.

The stones of which I speak are kidney stone fragments.

On Tuesday I had a scheduled ESWL (sonic lith….). A 7mm stone was sonic blasted into smithereens (we hope).

On my way hone, I was given a funnel with a filter to strain the urine to catch these itty bitty fragments so they can determine the kind (there are 3 or 4 kinds). What a chore… but I’ve been told it’s better than the alternative. Now I’m making sure that I drink a very min of 64 oz of water.

About the fragments… so far I don’t feel pain when they pass they are so small. They look like ground pepper or teeny poppy seeds. The sludge/sand is whiteish.

I’m afraid there might be a much bigger fragment needing to make its way through. That will be uncomfortable, but so far for me, the most discomfort is in my back (kidney), which now I know I’ve had before and got blamed on fibromyalgia and arthritis (🤬).

This stone was found incidentally because I kept complaining of starting a bladder infection and all they could see was microscopic blood (hematuria). So first doc in 20+years said, let’s X-ray for stones.

Just for fun, here’s what some fragments look like.

So it’s been a slow quiet week here!



14 thoughts on “My WeekendCoffeeShare-Stones

  1. The pain is worst in the kidney. Once the stones get to the bladder they seldom get stuck. I say “seldom” because, out of the many stones I’ve had, one got stuck. I had to wait forty five minutes to build up some pressure… It was a LONG forty five minutes. That stone was the size of a pea (no pun intended). My largest was an inch and a half… that one, I did NOT pass naturally…

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  2. Yikes Ruth….
    And to start — Opps, I managed to forget to circle back to visit with those who posted after I did until just a few minutes ago.
    I hope this find you well past all the stone fragments. I’ve heard that these things can be really painful so hope you are now well past the worse of it.
    Is it not amazing what they can do medically for us? Sonic surgery for you when I just had a robotic hernia surgery myself. Amazing and I find myself thankful each time I think about it.
    Thanks for the (late) visit.
    I’d do better next week.

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