My Weekly Smile February 4, 2020 #weeklysmile

Trent invites us to share a smile from the past week.

What do I have to smile about this week?

Every morning I check in to Facebook and look back at my memories. I find lots to smile about (or not).

Today (or was it yesterday?) I came across a photo from 6 years ago. My then 9 year old grandson was playing a card game with Pop (grandpa/my husband). Pop was befuddled. This grandson had a knack of making up games as he played and changing rules that didn’t make sense to many of us.

I got two smiles from this…. I sent a copy to my now 15 year old grandson… (he lives in Europe). He enjoyed it too.

What have you smiled about this week??


17 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile February 4, 2020 #weeklysmile

  1. lol, you have to have a special playing table for this game. It sounds like Calvinball where the only rule is that it can never be played the same way twice…. A fun smile and I’m sure a great memory.

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  2. I do love that feature on Facebook that allows us to smile again (or not) at past events. It sounds like you start my day much as I do! What made me smile today was the memory of my husband’s quadruple bypass surgery five years ago and the outpouring of love and support for us and our children. (It also makes me weep a bit – people are so very good) I love this idea of smile of the week. Keep smiling, Ruth. You are wonderful!

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