My #WeekendCoffeeShare Feb 5, 2020

Alli invited us in for a coffee, and asked us to share.

You can add your link here.


Good morning folks! Come on in and I’ll pour you a cup!

If you were here I would spill my guts about how awful some people are and how helpless I feel when a loved one is being smeared. I did finally start shredding some papers, imagining that the perpetrators were attached! Phew

Sunday will be a very busy day. We plan to attend Westside Unitarian Universal church and then we will go to have lunch at Tommy’s so I can meet up with my liberal ladies friends.

Hope your weekend is better than anticipated.


16 thoughts on “My #WeekendCoffeeShare Feb 5, 2020

  1. Hopefully things will get better but I couldn’t resist commenting that anyone reading this post now knows why Nancy did the same thing, shredding up lies.

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  2. Hi Ruth, I suspect that I’m going to be that guy who does not know what’s ailing you. Noting the dates of this post and you’re re-posting it for the coffee share gang, I could guess a few things but won’t. Regardless of what it is, I hope by now, you’ve found some peace from your distress.

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