Published in my Middle School Yearbook 1967


As I sit there in my chair
Trying to listen, in despair
My mind keeps wandering about,
Wondering when we’re going to get out.

No wonder I fail and feel so tense!
It’s not good for the brain, so hence
I will study all the day through
Even if some days are so blue.

Now I’m happy as can be
And I’m as busy as a bee
For I’m determined to pass my grade
And go to high school to learn a trade.


12 thoughts on “Published in my Middle School Yearbook 1967

  1. How interesting…to go to high school and learn a trade. A very different way of thinking than today. It seems that nowadays those who learn a trade are looked down on because they aren’t necessarily college-bound or set to work in a cubicle in front of computer for hours on end. As for me, I should have been an electrician! 🙂 or a plumber! 🙂

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