Week 12-2020 52Frames – Books


“ Educational Books ”

Well… being “stuck in the house” has not affected me as much as others. We have these two books in our library. And that is my canon. Have I read the books? No! But now I realize I have another resource.

May all of you continue to be well or get well and practice safe distancing. Most of my photos, these last 2-3 years, have been taken in or around my home. Be of good cheer! Think inside the box (home, apt). You can do it too!! And most of all, GO WASH YOUR HANDS!! ❤️


6 thoughts on “Week 12-2020 52Frames – Books

  1. You take care and stay safe. Good luck with your books. I’ve a list a page long of things I want to do but I must admit my brain isn’t quite into it yet. X

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