My Weekly Smile for the 23rd of March, 2020 #weeklysmile

Well I finally have a smile. I’ve had smiles other weeks, but I couldn’t recall them. But, like clockwork, Trent challenges us to find a smile.

Living in isolation is not as hard for me as it is for others, yet I do have – rather had- a few coffee dates with friends. So… instead of throwing up my hands, I decided to experiment with Zoom*! And it worked!! So after a week of isolation, I had an appointment to keep and we all benefitted!! We smiled and laughed and will do it again next week!!


Remember to practice safe distancing and wash your hands. 😉

(*Zoom is designed for remote meetings. But I signed up and you can use it for free for 40 minutes at a time. You can pay, but that’s up to you!! — I am not paid for this promotion.)

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  1. There are many different meeting apps out there, but Zoom seems to be the big one right now, and this crisis has really pushed them for the forefront of everyone’s minds!

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