My Take – The Final Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

With tears flowing down my arms…. I mean cheeks, I mean… wait! How can I cry when terrible will go away?? 😭😭😭😭😭

This last week Chelsea (the cookie lady) has asked us to write “A bittersweet farewell to something completely ridiculous.”



Scratching and clawing
With nails of a macaw 🦜
Mama said–these nails must GO!
Toddler went running around to and fro
Screaming like a me–me was out
To get him good
His fingers would be maimed
Shorn in pieces
How would he protect himself
From the wild wild feme-ale
Mom caught him and dragged him
Into the bathroom and chained him
The house echoed with screams
As she engaged in the operation
Mama removed the offending weapons
Right into the toilet
Round and round they went
Goodbye whimpered the boy-let
My talons are gone!