Day 4 – NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2020

The prompt suggestions are here. A dream image.


Looking to Buy

A barista serving coffee in the only fully constructed and useable portion of the property, welcomed us.

There was space being built out for a large eating area.

What’s behind that door?

An extremely narrow hallway

Heavy dust, grime on the floor

Walls of dirty lime green

One room a four poster bed covered in extremely thick dust

A bathroom with a bathtub on legs, very short with a tall back, but no toilet or sink

Various other rooms of intrigue

We decided to put a deposit down

The barista told tales of the past owners

No one knew why the back apartment had not been used

What a find, I thought, as the little children crawled around on the floor.

Thankfully I woke up free from the bondage of a fixer upper.


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