I wish they were Rolling Stones

There once was a stone named horrendous
Who thought she was really stupendous
She twisted and turned
Caused pain and a burn
She shouldn’t have been so relentless

The doc said this stone’s gotta go
She’s moving in ultra slo mo
It’s time to blast her
And make her transfer
From the kidney and out with the flow


Tomorrow I need procedure #2 (first was in January and most of the stone is still there). Because of our enemy covid🦠 Jim has to stay in the car or go home (depending on the estimated timing). [the trip is 30 minutes one way] 😫

14 thoughts on “I wish they were Rolling Stones

    1. Well… they had trouble inserting the intubation tube, thrust has finally healed still have bruise on lip. And either they missed the stone, or it had passed before? I’ll find out next week.

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