Depression stinks

Confession: I’m very depressed.

Just hear me

Don’t judge me

Don’t try to cure me

Smiles won’t help

It’s more than COVID-19

In the last week: Kidney stone blasted. No flow of stone. But intubation mishap is finally healed (I think) still have bruise on lip.

And living with a selfish (lifetime mentally deficient) 99 year old. Is too much.

A country being killed off by a selfish evil spawn of satan.

Then a hail storm hit at 430 this morning. My cactus succulents were doing so well and then hail.

That’s all I’ll say.

I’m depressed.


28 thoughts on “Depression stinks

  1. As a man with kidney stones and severe chronic depression let me say, “This too shall pass”…

    But, it sure doesn’t seem like it while it’s happening… I wish I had better advice. When I experience the lows, I just do what I have to do at a minimum and don’t let myself feel guilt for that which is undone.

    Good luck, Ruth.

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  2. You should seriously let me mail you a cookie…. 😉 On the plus side, my parents read some of my posts about Depression: “We had not idea…” I may have responded that internet strangers know, since I’ve been writing for three years now… :/

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  3. I hope it helps to know you have so many people online who care about you, and five chickens too! (Even chickens get a little depressed sometimes, and wonderful things like tasty worms just loses its appeal…in other words, it happens to everyone sometimes.)

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