I am a Co-Conspirator

This world is full of injustice towards people who are not white.

I am anti-racist.

I am learning to recognize the damage of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy (as Bell Hooks says).

In bringing awareness to injustice, I hope help shine a light for all who come my way to see.


This journey has been long and started as a child. I was fortunate to be the child of parents who spoke out against racism. Then ten or so years ago I attended an eight week session with the Center if the Healing of Racism in Houston. During my association with the center I learned so many things that had never been part of my education. (Education and text books have been white-washed.)

I started my activism on Facebook by posting articles. I went through spells of lots of activism and then not much. Then I moved north of Houston and my life online took a turn and I found lots of activism on Instagram as well as Facebook.

I found Myisha with Check Your Privilege and started following her. Then I purchased her book “Check Your Privilege Live into the work” and here I am.

It is great and hard to be doing the work and learning what work I need to do.

The pandemic has sure showed the disparities in communities of Black Brown Indigenous and Pacific Islanders vs white. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, and leads you to think or say, “but not all,” I will ask you, as Myisha says-“lean into the discomfort.”

Listen ask questions and learn.

The first thing I learned was that I needed to listen to BIPOC people and believe what they tell us about how our words and actions are perceived. We all have unconscious biases that will fear their heads at inopportune times.

For me at this time, it is my job to become more aware and share what I am learning.

Thanks for reading.

~RuthScribbles aka Ruth Klein

PS you can find Myisha here https://checkyourprivilege.co

Or on Instagram here https://instagram.com/ckyourprivilege?igshid=e4q74swn5vro

14 thoughts on “I am a Co-Conspirator

  1. My mother used to say, “there are good and bad everywhere” and “walk a mile in their shoes”, among many other things. Growing up in rural Newfoundland I didn’t know what racism was – the area was completely white and I never met a person of another race or nationality until we moved to Ontario. There I met people from many other nations. I think there is so much to learn from other nationalities and cultures. “White gaze” was a term I learned first through my communications courses and it was an eye-opener. Becoming aware of how others see life and have experienced life can be painful at times to we who have been privileged, but so important to building a better and fairer world.

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      1. Yes, Colonialism was and is a terrible global reality that caused much harm, and continues to do so. Awareness and enlightenment will go a long way to resolve the issues but it will take time and commitment.

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