My Take – FOWC with Fandango – Verbal

(Stream of consciousness – you never know what will be remembered.)


So verbal. My parents always said that I was never at a loss for words, that I talk talk talked.

I remember one time my mom said that maybe I would be a lawyer, which doesn’t make sense, now that I think about it, because women were not to be out working, that was for the man to do to support his family (truly). I used to ask lots of questions. I need to learn to ask more questions than to offer unsolicited advice. But my advice is free, no?

My mouth has gotten me in trouble. Sometimes rightly so, and otherwise not. One day, my dad and I were at Bible Camp. It was the first year I was a real camper, and not just one of the snot nosed kids of the staff. We had to memorize Bible verses. The one we were working on, while in our lineups to go into lunch, was Acts 2:37 (I had to look it up, but I remember this one phrase “They were pricked in their hearts.”) Our line leader was the co-preacher with my dad back home. He heard the one word, and reported to my father that I was using inappropriate words. I had also been chatting in our Class. (Yes, at Bible Camp, we played in the afternoons, but mornings were class after class and evenings was a sermon and maybe a little Bible drama.) So… my dad took me out back, and slapped me hard across the face and sent me to my cabin without lunch. yeah… I can say it now…. he was a prick. What he doesn’t know is that all of the older girls snuck food out of the cafeteria and brought me sweets and comforted me.

So there is my story for my post today. Wow… I hadn’t remembered that story… wow…


8 thoughts on “My Take – FOWC with Fandango – Verbal

  1. Yikes! When I was a godless child, all the Catholic kids in the neighborhood knew just where to find the naughty/questionable words in their Bibles!

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