My Take -Fandango’s FOWC and FDDA

I am now rethinking cancel culture. I am going to try to combine #FOWC missing and #FDDA18 hate.


I will not miss all the hateful lies that spews from 45’s and cohort’s mouths.

I do believe some people can change, but they have to want to change. Change is hard, but it is doable. I’ve done it. However . . .

hate spewed from the mouth
results in retribution
forty five must go


7 thoughts on “My Take -Fandango’s FOWC and FDDA

      1. Ok yes I had no idea.. For me Biden is no better.. It’s a pity that politics is only played by the powerful who say they care before being elected but it’s only the power that counts..


      2. Why would you say Biden is no better? He is not a pathological liar, he has empathy, and he will surround himself with the next generation of lawmakers? What lies are they telling over there? Trump is evil! He cares only about himself.


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