My Take – FOWC with Fandango – Classify

No one should be treated any differently because of their classification in life.

Some classifications are Black/Brown, Rich/Poor, High IQ/Low IQ, College graduate/ HS graduate/ uncompleted school, CEO/Cleaning crew. Yes, there are more. Classification can be used to divide, or it can be used to unify or identify. Here is a true story.

Question: What is the difference between a teacher and a garbage collector? 
Answer: The rate of pay.

When I was in the ninth grade (Lower East side of Manhattan NY) our English teacher would always groan when the garbage trucks would pick up garbage outside of our classroom (I think we were on the third floor). He would say “I would be better off collecting garbage than teaching you kids. They get paid a lot more than I do.” I have no clue if that was true, however, each is just as essential as the other. Imagine if no one collected the garbage. We also found out when the garbage collectors went on strike. I don’t know how many days, but imagine garbage stacking up on sidewalks (about 1,000 people lived in a square block).

Question for you! Do you greet and/or smile and/or wave at your garbage collectors? Do you look your grocery checker in the eye and smile? (Yes, people can tell is you are smiling even with a mask on.)

Have a good day!




15 thoughts on “My Take – FOWC with Fandango – Classify

  1. In the world of wages we need a big shift. I mean why should a footballer get £100.000 a week for kicking a football about, when a binman makes £260 a week if he’s lucky. Why should a board of directors get £250.000 bonus when they’re making employees redundant and shutting shops. It’s also very wrong. Great post.

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  2. Do you greet and/or smile and/or wave at your garbage collectors?

    No, they pick up the garbage very early in the morning when I’m still asleep.

    Do you look your grocery checker in the eye and smile?

    Yes, and I thank them and tell them to stay safe.

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  3. I smile and say hello to everyone. Even before the pandemic. Store clerks, garbage men, lawn care people mowing someone else’s lawn, mailman (Mike from Boston). Here in my little mountain hood, we wave to each other while walking in the street–even if the other person is driving by in a car! Not on the big roads, we don’t want to cause an accident!

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