My Take -Fandango’s #FOWC and #FDDA

My contributions today are short, so I am combining them here. #FOWC – the word is nerd. #FDDA – the muse is “your favorite beverage.” ==========================================

My family is a group of nerds – bookish, good school grades, desk jobs – well, mostly. One day, before mommy died, she came up with an acronym that combined all of us siblings together. You guessed it! NERD! And then I came up with a way of individualizing  and signing “our name” to family letters (email).

Nathan -Nerd
Esther -nErd
Ruth -neRd
David -nerD

And when we were all together with my dad the week between my mom’s death and her burial, my dad found something for us.
Here we are in D-E-N-R order.



My favorite beverage is COFFEE. Here’s my acrostic.



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