My Take – Fandango’s Dog Days of August #28&29

The two phrases to muse on are “your favorite season” and “time of day.”

At first I couldn’t think what my favorite season would be, so I let it go…. and then…. it came to me…. My favorite season(ing) is garlic! There! I accomplished my goal.

And the time of day here in Texas is exactly 12:04pm. Laundry is washing, I am writing, and it will soon be time for lunch. Sometimes I don’t eat lunch until 2:00pm. It is great to be retired and be mostly on my own schedule!! We here in this house each fix our own breakfast and lunch! Then our chef (my husband/partner) cooks 5 nights, I cook one night (baked potatoes), and we pick up food from various restaurants one night. We actually did this BEFORE Covid, so we didn’t need to adjust. Our 99 year old auntie prefers not to go out to eat anymore.

Thanks, Fandango, for the opportunity to use your prompts to get me writing. #FDDA


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