My Take – Fandango’s FOWC and FDDA

I’ve only recently given into two of Fandango’s prompts. It started after I was told about . The goal is to just write freely about what is on your mind or what you want to say. Some days I had no problem, but 750 words is a lot for me. So then I decided that maybe some prompts would help and remembered that Fandango had a word prompt. So it takes me a while to type 750 words, but I can also be creative at the same time. But that didn’t work so well today. ;D

The #FOWC word is “covered” and the #FDDA muse is “your best job ever.” So I decided I would combine the two.


My best job ever was working for Aesbus. It is a family owned business. I was a full time employee of Aesbus with benefits etc, and we were assigned to projects as contractors for other companies. I worked there for eight years before I retired.

My employment covered a lot of different responsibilities. I was assigned to work with the technical writers for the server division at Hewlett Packard. (I was there when we transitioned from Compaq to HP, and Carly Fiorina came and walked down the halls and everyone was given clappers or some such to greet her.)

I love troubleshooting and I was also the technical point person between the client (HP), our contract writers, and other company’s contract writers. Yes, there were lots of issues working as a contractor, but I (mostly) succeeded in getting everyone to respect my work.

I was the software expert (MS Word, and a single sourcing program called AuthorIT). I created the templates, managed the database, edited the books, and trained the writers.  It was fun, until it wasn’t any more and time to retire!



15 thoughts on “My Take – Fandango’s FOWC and FDDA

      1. I don’t either. Reading stories is hard for me, but I have gotten sucked into a few stories! ha. In fact I’m journalling right now and have gotten to 593 words and now I’m floudering, so I’m here in WP to find a word to keep me going! 😉

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