My Take – Fandango’s FOWC and FDDA

Fandango’s One Word Challenge today is, “hunter.” And Fandango’s Dog Days of August (the last one) is “your plans for September are…” (I bet we all write the same thing.

Picture Hunters capture moments






. . and hang them on a mantle! 📸

Here is a flower I captured.

My plans for September are the same as they have been for March, April, May, June, July, and August. Order what we need/want online and have it delivered or pick it up at the curb. Drive and escort Auntie to her doctor appointments (mostly normal checkups) – She will be 100 in two months. And drive myself to doctors. If I didn’t have doctors to see I would not be out at all it seems. Occasionally we go to the Braums drive-thru and get an ice-cream cone. Or one time we (just hubby and me) went to Sonic and ate our hamburgers in the drive up spot. We hope to get a few more driving trips in, but can’t stay out too long, because we will only use public restrooms if there is an emergency.

As time goes on, and the curve is flattened, I hope to be going out and have actual coffee with friends? I hate to walk stores and it’s too hot still. But I will keep writing my 750 words, hopefully blogging and continuing my anti-racism education and action.


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