My Take-FOWC with Fandango-Odd

Afterword, update: I lost the photos that were attached and tried to remember. However, there were two I couldn’t find. The male cleaning sign, and the sign with grass verges. argh.(10/1/20)

Fandango wants us to use the word “Odd!”   That’s just Odd. *smirk*

What does odd mean?  The computer dictionary’s first definition is: “different from what is usual or expected; strange: the neighbors thought him very odd | [with clause] : it’s odd that she didn’t recognize me.”

While I lived in Cambridge, England, there were many things that were odd, meaning different from what I grew up seeing or hearing. Signage. I actually loved the signage. And yes, I did take some photographs. And these won’t seem odd to my UK readers, but they were unique/odd for me. Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the signs that I found unique (odd).


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