My Take-FOWC with Fandango-Excuse

In my inbox today, I had a One Minute Meditation (for older women) that was about boundaries. I think boundaries and Fandango’s word excuse can be easily combined – at least in my mind. I also thought I would do another acrostic (my favorite way – One word per letter).


Are excuses boundaries? What happened to just say no. What happened to telling the truth? We don’t want to hurt folks, but don’t we hurt them more when we deflect and do not speak truth? So what is my Excuse?







When you make excuses, you are not guarding your boundaries. You are allowing others to take advantage, by allowing them to intrude and ask you things or to do things that you don’t really want to do or you don’t want to do it with them. I also learned that one does not need to give an explanation. One can just say no. Some think this is rude. I don’t. Saying no without an explanation leaves no room for discussion. 🙂 However, even though I know this, I still err and explain away or make excuses.


17 thoughts on “My Take-FOWC with Fandango-Excuse

  1. I have found that. It is far less awkward to say a straight “no” than to try to find an excuse. If I do get a “why”, the answer will be “because I don’t want to”. I must admit, part of it is that I don’t want to be pussy-footing around at my age.

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