MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Riveting

I can think of riveting conversations, speeches, movies, books. What does riveting really mean?

The computer dictionary definition of riveting: adjective  completely engrossing; compelling: the book is a riveting account of the legendary freedom fighter.

I seldom, of late, find books that are riveting. It is not the book’s fault, it is my attention span. Some of you write stories or very long poems that I glance at. Every so often, I’m not so distracted and I’m drawn in to read a short story. What is strange is that I like to write poetry, yet I’ve never liked reading it. But I’m forcing myself to, because I’m told it will help me become a better poet. I like simplicity. Poems that have 25 cent words go over my head. I’m not a simpleton, I just don’t have a huge vocabulary, for whatever reason. I do find personal stories or musing pull me in.

And as I type, I’m trying to think of a book that was riveting, when I was less distracted. The book that keeps coming to mind is “Black Like Me.” If you’ve never read it, it is a must read. I read this book when I was in Junior High School (middle school). I was riveted by the history of slaves escaping to freedom. I wrote a report. Harriet Tubman was/is a s/hero. But back to Black Like Me – It is the true story of a white man who colors his skin with the help of a doctor to see if in fact he was treated differently. It helped me to see even better the way “we the people” are not really “we” until all are treated equally.

Here is a link to the book, if you in fact would be interested in reading the book.  (Libraries should have it too, well, in the States for sure.) I think I should read it again. I did purchase a copy for my library, about 3 years ago.

Black Like Me
Life Changing


5 thoughts on “MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Riveting

  1. I once saw a 60-minute post. I kow it was 60 minutes because my browser (Firefox) estimates, up-front, how long it will take each post to me.
    I have seen several 30-minute posts, usually by particular authors.
    Who do they think is going to read this stuff?
    To be honest, about 5 minutes is my limit. I’ll maybe go longer, but only if I have made a connection with the author, and even then, only sometimes.
    For prompt responses, I like to keep them as short as possible. If someone can get in and out in a minute, all well and gfood. For FOWC, it’s not untypical that there are 20 responses, so even if each post is just 3 minutes, someone is still an hour reading them all.

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