MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Lampoon

The word is lampoon!!

Well…. remember when I said I have a unique vocabulary collection? Lampoon, was definitely missing from my list!

I wrote a cute four line poem, and decided to look for a photo. I didn’t find any. Hmmm let me at least find the meaning, – uh…. not what I had in mind.

I will give you my ditty, and see if you know of what I was really thinking!!

I’ve never touched a lampoon
They look scary as heck
And every time I see one
I start to grab my neck

Thanks for laughing WITH me!! 😉😃🤣

I don’t think I understand lampooning or satire! But I found the following in my draft folder. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Little Willie hit a bump
Riding on a camel’s hump
Jolted right between his legs
I wish it had been Trump

Ok…. carry on– next?


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