MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Replace

Thank you, Fandango, for the prompt that helps me to keep writing.  In October, the daily poetry prompt may be combined. Time will tell. I get bored easily and I’m trying to keep going even if I’m bored! ha.


Have you noticed how the better technology gets, the more we are either expected to have the latest and greatest, or what we have just plain dies? I remember when washers and driers and refrigerators and phones lasted forever. There are probably people still using some of these items from 40 years ago?

There should be replacement warnings on labels of appliances

WARNING: You will replace me in two – five years years!


WARNING: In a year, you will want a replacement!


WARNING: I will only live for 16 months, then you will replace me.

This is called planned obsolescence!




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