A Diatelle – Encounter

I am going to try to write a Diatelle as introduced by Colleen Chesebro. A diatelle which has the syllable count and rhyming scheme like this: 1a 2b 3b 4c 6b 8c 10c 12a 10c 8c 6b 4c 3b 2b 1a. It will be challenging and I hope I can make it work. I will use the word Encounter. I started this to write for FOWC on Sept 6, but I got busy.

I  started working on this pre Sept 16 and I finished last night. This was a challenge!


The Encounter


by chance



exciting circumstance

self-indulgence intemperance

challenging journey brazen decadence

finger pointing confrontation, indiscreet

unfortunate incident, just querulous

regrettable unpleasantness

laughable impasse

then gentleness

take a chance






9 thoughts on “A Diatelle – Encounter

  1. Ruth, this is marvelous. Actually, Merill Smith wrote a Diatelle for the first of the month challenge (where we choose any syllabic form to use) first. I’ve never written this form. It’s interesting. It’s the rhyme scheme pattern of abbcbccaccbcbba that I find difficult. I hope to add a few of these rhyming syllabic forms to the challenge next year. ❤

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