9 thoughts on “MyTake-FOWC with Fandango-Elucidate

      1. People have become very animated about being railroaded into using the block editor, and I think the “railroad” part makes it absolutely fair enough to complain, but I find it is much more powerful, just that it can do all of this stuff.

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      2. I’m getting sort of used to it. It is a pain on the iphone, but I found I can work on my computer, and I sit in an upright position (instead of reclined) and my back is happier for that!


      3. Yup, I mostly use my PC but have the Android app on my phone and tablet. I know I get a load more blocks on the PC – I don’t know what half of them do but I’ve got a good feeling now just for what *should* be in a block. I bug the support people all the time.

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