Week 39, Use a Tripod, 2020

This is week 39, 2020 of the 52Frames.com weekly challenge. We were to use a tripod, and I tried a composite.

Title: Triplets

Description: Wow. I’ve never done a composite before. It’s hard. I learned a lot of lessons. This is far from perfect but it is good enough.

I used my canon on a tripod and took several shots. I did not focus correctly and Then after failing with many programs, i opened the photos in my iPhone SE and used the Handy Photo app where I was able to cut Jim out and place him in the picture twice. I then after almost not submitting this was able to “heal” a few spots in Snapseed.

Next time I will pay more attention to the placement of the subject.



Following are the photos I used to make the above composite.


7 thoughts on “Week 39, Use a Tripod, 2020

  1. This is brilliant. I know exactly what you did, and that top photo just looks like a single photo. I got some nice groups as shots with a tripod, which I later turned into early HDRs, and when I photographed the moon I had to leave the shutter open for a silly amount of time.

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