My Little Light #OctPoWriMo2020 Day1

This is a repeat of a post several days ago. I wanted to identify my 31 submissions.

Hard experiences can help a person grow and/or change. Hard experiences move one out of their ensconced belief, a belief of having the one and only truth, to finding out that there are other truths. It takes others to shine a light so that others can see even a glimpse of what is out there beyond their comfortable position.

The song goes, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” I learned this in church, and it has become a song of resistance.  I like to think of it as a song of resistance. And actually it was a song of resistance in our church – challenging us to shine a light on sin and stand up for justice.

I once was ensconced
in a religion of fear
someone shone a light
possibilities were seen
another journey began

others saw me turn
away from fear and sadness
no longer entrapped
lonely, yet censorship free
I was ready for new paths

my little flashlight
now shines to light paths ahead
torching the darkness
roadblocks illuminated 
I am walking to the light


I will try to submit to the few challenges that I submit to, but this month will focus on the prompts from the OctPoWriMo website. The above is actually 3 tankas combined as one message.


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