MyTake-The A Mused Poetry Contest 9/26 – 10/2/2020

Chel invites us to write a poem. Here are the rules.

Twinkle Twinkle Body Hair

Do I have a deal for you -

It's not for your hose
It's not for your shoe
It's for your eyebrows
And even your nose

All of those hairs
Looking to escape
Need to be trimmed
Make no mistake

They say that the Twinkle*
Is quite easy to use
Just stick it up in there
No need for abuse

No need to worry
That clumping of hair
Will soon start to scurry
No more hair up in there

Your nostrils are now
Totally denuded
Thank you dear Twinkle*
I'm no more secluded

no batteries included.
keep out of reach of children.
don't use on your pets.

*this product is real.
order right now to get your nostrils clean as a whistle.


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