MyTake-The A Mused Poetry Contest 10/3 – 10/9/2020

Oh Chel-my anniversary is next Tuesday!! Ha. Good thing we have a sense of humor.

This week’s topic is “the wittiest message inside your next anniversary card.”

I’m not sure I can be funny in this way, but I’ll give it a try or two.


Thirty years ago

We tied the knot

You promised peaches

That’s all I got


I wasn’t going to give you a card this year, but Chel said I had too.

Being locked up with you is like being in a survivor series. (You better let me win!)

If we stop celebrating, will we live longer?

Let’s selfie forever!


13 thoughts on “MyTake-The A Mused Poetry Contest 10/3 – 10/9/2020

  1. So witty and yet with such depth. Pictures seal the deal. If only more people were able to have what you two have found, a true blend of love and friendship. Happy Anniversary with wishes for many more to come.

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