Day 4 #OctPoWriMo Falling

Note to Octpiwrimo writers: I have not been able to get my links to post. Ideas? I have gmail. Even made an empty blogger account. Thx


The prompt is falling, the form is blitz. This is not a pure Blitz (it’s a bit shorter).

Don’t Fall

Falling for charming
Falling for fake news

Fake news is believable
Fake news is gaslighting

Gaslighting is hurtful
Gaslighting is mental abuse

Abuse hurts
Abuse kills

Kills the spirit
Kills ambition

Ambition to do
Ambition to live

Live in the moment
Live to love

Love your family
Love your world

World in peril
World of worry

Worry for climate
Worry for peace

Peace for all
Peace and equity

Equity not poverty
Equity for the poor

Poor need help
Poor are human

Humans are the same
Humans are different

Different not bad
Different but equal

Equal is needed
Equal standing

Standing not leaning
Standing not falling


6 thoughts on “Day 4 #OctPoWriMo Falling

      1. Tap on OctPoWriMo Day5 at the top and the page will accept your link.
        Tap on the link in my post of the respective day. I have highlighted the prompt. It will take you there straightaway.
        It should work.

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      2. I was able to post today. I had to use a different google account but at least it posted. Thanks for your help. Yes, I click the link at the top of the email and see everybody’s comments.

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