Day 9 #OctPoWriMo and #FOWC – Breaking Boundaries with Dignity

Octpowrimo’s theme is breaking boundaries and FOWC’s word is dignity.

I don’t think my brain followed the path that was intended. But I used the form Diamante This diamond-shaped poem always has seven lines. Click Diamante to see how it is supposed to be constructed. I also had several other thoughts that I wrote down.

High, Thick
Surrounding, Enclosing, Crumbing
Watching, Opening, Shattering
Transparent, Unshuttered


Breaking or keeping boundaries requires dignity.
I had no boundaries
People walked all over me
I gained some dignity
Spoke my truth
Boundaries are now fluid
Closed when needed
Yielding at other times


Posting, Trolling
Boundaries, None
Dignity, Pretentious
Quiet, Loudness
Silence, Justification


Breaking Boundaries
Positive vs Negative
Vulnerable vs Word Vomit
Dignity vs Pretentious
Speaking up vs Angry defense

Do you think I covered the title of Breaking Boundaries with Dignity?


^Water Boundary (Dam Door)^


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