The Tree

The Tree 🌳

The lumberjack eyed the sick tree
“Tree” he said, “let me put you out of your misery.” So he lifted his ax and the tree cried out, “ just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I have to die.” It’s only my one limb, and if you chop it off, I’ll be unbalanced and will die a painful death.” “You see, a parasite tried to infect the whole forest, and thankfully only got one limb.” The lumberjack replied, “What good are you?” “The forest keeper will have to work extra hard to keep you alive.” “You are wasting his time.” The, forest keeper listening, two trees over called out, “Leave my special tree alone.” “She saved me from a black bear.” “I will love her and care for her until death do us part.”

Tree leaning over
Branch overcome with disease
Should it live or die?

Friend leaning over
Overcome with pain and gloom
Will I help or snub


16 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. this holds so much wisdom, Ruth. Many years ago I worked with a young man who was almost totally disabled. He went from his bed to the wheelchair and back again. He couldn’t speak many words and was paralyzed. A friend asked me, “what quality of life is that?” Well, that young man who was so limited taught me more about life, love, acceptance, and joy than many an “able bodied” person. And I told my friend about him, and all the gifts he offered, if we but took time to listen with our hearts.

    This is truly wonderful and a great question.

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