Bye Bye 2020

2020, what have you done?
-Infected the world with Covid
-Showed the world the good side of social media
-Lots of fake news
-Lots of scientific news
-Showed us vulnerabilities in our government/constitution
-Showed us our less than good healthcare system

This year, 2020

Brought tears
Tears of anguish
Anguish and sorrow
Sorrow and grief
Grief and pain
Pain and separation
Separation of families
Families are hungry
Hungry for food and socialization
Socialization is different
Different and untouchable
Untouchable to keep us well
Well, this year wants to be forgotten
Forgotten, yet lessons learned
Learned to wear masks
Masks can save lives
Live with hands washed
Wash your hands
Hands for hugging

Next year?