2021:Week 1 -#52Frames- Self Portrait

It’s the new year (2021) and this is the first photo of the year!

Title: “ Hi – It’s me ”

Description: Self Portraits are weird to share sometimes. I used my iPhone with my Bluetooth remote shutter. I edited in the built in photo editor, and chose portrait setting, hi-key mono. A small part of the photo had extraneous in the background, so I imported into Snapseed and used the exposure brush to blot it out.  
Ps I didn’t know these settings existed! My husband and I really liked the result. (I am wearing a white shirt and my hair is mostly salty in front and top.)

18 thoughts on “2021:Week 1 -#52Frames- Self Portrait

  1. It’s amazing how phones are evolving, isn’t it? I’d never heard of a remote control before. Does that imply that there is also a tripod available, or are you just supposed to stand the phone somewhere where it won’t move?

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  2. Much better than your DMV pic! When we can get together, I will pick your brain for some helpful photography tips. This year?

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