2021: Week 4 #52Frames – Water

This 4th week of the year 2021, the theme is water.

Title: Driveway Puddle

Description: Wetness wetness everywhere. It has been chilly (50F), mizzely, gray… darkish days. However, the mizzel turned to drizzle and sometimes heavier rain. This was a great help for this week’s theme – water.

This little puddle was big enough to have a reflection. You can also see the grit and dirt and a bit of green trying to grow, of the driveway.

I used my canon, imported photo into pictures on my mac, which also added the photo to my photo stream in my iPhone, which I then edited to make the photo more appealing in Snapseed.

Thanks for looking!



16 thoughts on “2021: Week 4 #52Frames – Water

  1. I’m reminded of the beach when kelp gets washed ashore. I’m also reminded of algae in various water bodies. You’ve made something ordinary, extraordinary!

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