I’m Cold in North Texas

I’m cold

Cold to the bone

Bone of contention

Contention with Texas

Texas is arrogant

Arrogant and greedy

Greedy and liars

Lying about causes

Causes of power failure

Failure of electric grid

Grid for utilities

Utilities heat homes

Homes need heat

Heat to keep warm

Warm and prevent freezing

Freezing pipes are bursting

Bursting and flooding houses

Houses become traps

Traps of death

Death for lack of heat

Heat and water

Water must be boiled

Boiled for 2 minutes

Minutes turn to hours

Hours to days

Days without power

Power is needed

Needed for millions

Millions of people

People are suffering

Suffering from cold

Cold outside


PS We never lost power, but have to boil water. We have been asked to conserve electricity, water, and gas. [Our thermostat is set to 68° – no dishwasher, no washing laundry.] Scary situation.

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