Texas Weather Limerick

We in our old house are warming up and 99% of the snow is gone. The temps were well above freezing today.

There once was a storm down in Texas
Where coldness affected our plexus
It snowed and it froze
Some pipes and my toes
The water got bad it’s obnoxious


11 thoughts on “Texas Weather Limerick

  1. I am so sorry for all the troubles you must be going through – but the poem is brilliant. I hope power has been restored to your neck of the woods and that life is returning to somewhat normal – or as normal as it can be in the midst of severe weather and pandemics.

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      1. Living in Canada as I do broken pipes are an experience I’ve had a time or two – it’s always such a pain in the butt! But I am grateful it is not something that happens often.

        I hope by now that the boiling of water is no longer necessary and that things are returning to normal. Take care, Ruth.

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