19 thoughts on “My Take – FOWC with Fandango — Pattern

  1. Great woodsy picture and quote there, Ruth. I’d love to view your gallery of trees. DO you have a tree you’d call a friend. I have a Linden I perch in within the woods. It’s energy is serene and it feels like a hug when I sit there in the branches.

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      1. I remember us talking about your Linden tree. Luckily I have windows that look out on my back yard (garden) and we have two pecans and three Oak trees. This was looking up standing in the back yard.

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      2. Wow! NYC looks a tough, fast paced place to live on TV. I grew up in the City of Norwich here in Norfolk. I moved a few miles into the countryside a few years ago. Lucy dog and I much prefer the peace and quiet here. Usually we got a collapsed sewer causing mayhem this week!

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