Photo Memories #senryu and free verse

I’ve tried to come up with some of the thoughts and feelings that come up when looking through years of photos. It is a trip through memory lane for sure. Mostly 1965-2000 (then digital). Many of those years were painful, but others – delightful. Here I write about the not delightful times, because I had the need to express them.


Sorting through photos
The mind searches date placement
Before or after

Memories and grief
Separations, broken hearts
Years without knowing

The pain awakened
Holding photos of those years
Prompted sad nightmares


Painful narratives


Sad glad



Culling the photos
Brings memories to mind
Feelings arose
Not just happy kind

Why can’t the bad
Disappear, be shred (ded)
And then there’s the sad
Some folks are dead

Babies I cuddled
Their father I left
Trips, cars, remodels
People-friends and family
Some now gone forever

The first round is done
Time to re-sort and then
Scan them one by one
Arrange them
Memory books I’ll make


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