This weekly #writephoto prompt should be fun. Thank you KL for continuing this prompt.

The 3 Little Bears Plus

As was Goldilocks tradition, she visited her grandmother and then took a stroll through the woods. She took a different turn than she had in the last 10 years.

She was shocked when she saw the Bear’s house. Memories flooded back. The house was MUCH bigger than she had remembered. Excited yet petrified she decided to see if anyone was home.

And, just like last time nobody was home. She tried the door and it was, again, unlocked. When she entered she saw a HUGE table surrounded by nine chairs of different sizes.

“Wow, if I hang out and try all these chairs, the bears are likely to get home before I’m done.” So she ran.

There once was a family of bears
Who had various sizes of chairs
Goldilocks said “oh my”
I don’t want to die
As she ran, she started to swear


I am not a story writer, but I had a bit of fun. THANKS FOR READING!!

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