2021: Week 14 #52Frames – Fast Shutter

Title: “Look at me, Nana.”

Description: Fast Shutter is fun. I wasn’t thinking of this challenge until I saw the photo, and realized it fits our challenge perfectly. For those who have an iPhone, if you can take Live Photos, you too can get this result. The iPhone recorded the speed at 1/1372s. That’s fast! Thank you Apple! (This is also how I can take photos from inside the car while my husband is driving.)
The other special thing about this photo, is that after a little over a year of missing birthdays, I finally got to go visit my grandkids and hug them.
I removed the geotag, and blurred the faces, so that I could post the photo. It’s a good thing, otherwise, I would have had to ask someone that lives with me to run down the street! ha ha


“Look at me, Nana.” “I’m up in the air.”

©RuthScribbles aka RuthEK

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