2021: Week 15 #52Frames – Trapped

This is already the 15th week of the year! Feel trapped in your house??

Title: Trapped Inside

Description: My husband is my model. I didn’t ask him to make faces, but he did! 😝

He is trapped behind the back door, looking out towards the back yard/garden. The sun is bright and gave us a lovely reflection -I’m even trapped in the photo. The new patio cover makes lots of lines and shadows.

I cropped the photo to square and applied a few layers to add interest and contrast. I used Snapseed.


#myphoto 04/11/2021


6 thoughts on “2021: Week 15 #52Frames – Trapped

  1. Love this. We all need more humor and silliness in our lives…..(Unless you slammed his finger in the door to get this shot) (

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